The Off-Worlder series.


With the new year just commencing I would want to raise the curtains with a fresh start. All of my old blog-posts will remain as they are. I hope everyone is excited for what 2018 has in store!

I am happy to announce that 2018 is going to be my year.
A quick recap. 2016 was not so much of my year. I’ve hit some pretty low bottoms. I was convinced that 2017 was going to be better. I wasn’t entirely wrong because 2017 was indeed better than 2016. 2017 brought a great person into my life and has enriched me with career opportunities, insights on self improvement and many more good vibes. I still felt that 2017 could have been a better year but we can’t all speed up our growth when life wants us to deal with past stuff first.

After my last post, life got intense on me. I moved to a different city. This time around, it was serious. My nomadic lifestyle was put an end to. I found my home in the beautiful city of Utrecht. I’ve lived all my life in Amsterdam and I grew weary of the town. I made a firm decision and applied for a college in Utrecht, hence we moved there.

Starting a college was something I never thought would happen. Not because I didn’t think I could do it but because I didn’t know if I would feel comfortable in there. I love education. I love learning, but I’ve had previous experiences with a high school where I felt far from respected for the person I was. I was interested in Latin and Philosophy but my high school didn’t provide me to study these subjects because of the education system of the Netherlands. I’m aware systems are changing. I’ll come back to that later.

My choice for the study came from a deep desire to immerse myself in language. Communication and the transfer of knowledge were two big components of what made this choice easy. I enrolled to the study of English teacher.

To answer the question if I feel comfortable in college: absolutely not. I don’t like sitting in a room where students are forced to work together. I am annoyed by the intense atmosphere and having hardly any quiet time. What keeps me motivated is that my self improvement does make a huge jump. It makes me exhausted and yet thrilled to accept the challenge of adjusting to different environments.

How I notice that school systems are changing: I’m an intern at my old high school and I notice immense differences in how classes are structured. When I see “the future” in the classroom working in a different manner, I get excited to teach. The pressure is high in college and they told us that the pressure inside the classroom is even higher. I’m not so sure if I’m able to cope with it but I will flow with where life is taking me at the moment.

On another note and probably the most important; I’m currently working on a huge writing project. In a previous blog post, I hinted that I was working on writing a book series. On Instagram, I had already urged people to watch out the platform for some upcoming feed. Since I’ve just explained the reasons for my absence and how they prevented me from posting even a quick update. I have something new in store.

This entry is mainly for the project I’m currently working on. For the people who like the fantasy genre; this is for you!
My project is writing a fantasy trilogy about magic, culture, religion and anything that has caught my attention in the past 26 years of my life. The series consists of three books. I will break it down into parts hence Book I will be discussed only.  

Title: The Off-worlder. Book I: The Off-worlder Trilogy


In Serrature, a secluded city in Italy lives nineteen-year- old Michaela Acardi. When she gets triggered by the death of her best friend, Julian – she flees from a society which threatens her freedom. Whilst many believe that Julian perished in a fire, Michaela’s search for the truth guides her to a village called Löwe . A magical community in Germany that offers shelter for those in need. Magic is a norm and gives Michaela a hard time to cope with because it challenges her perceptions of life and contradicts with what she was taught. Then there is the most burning question of all: how is this village connected with Julian?

Sophie Volkov, who knows the village by heart, aims to figure out the mystery around her mother’s death. This leads her navigating through a maze of mysteries on which Löwe is fundamentally build upon. She finds out that the town is protected by a wall of secrets sheltering an even bigger secret. To Sophie’s dismay the inhabitants aren’t ready to unveil the mystery. Michaela proposes a new perspective which gives Sophie answers that she didn’t think she needed. This opens her eyes but there is something about Michaela that Sophie doesn’t trust completely. When she makes the shocking discovery of what Michaela is she has two choices: speak up and damage the village’s reputation or stay silent and put the lives of the village in jeopardy.

Benjamin ‘Ben’ Lopez is in contrast to Sophie, not interested in the rich culture of Löwe. He is balancing his responsibilities to the village with his hunger for more. Unsure about whether this is truly his home, he engages him to his longtime girlfriend Jessie; who isn’t an easy person to live with. After Michaela’s arrival, he is being haunted by nightmares. At first he thinks of them as nothing, but these dreams become more and more impending that he starts to realize that Löwe might be in danger again.

Let me know if you would like to read it, why and why not? I’d like to hear your opinions!

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  1. Wow, didn’t you know you were working on a book, let alone a series of!
    I am eager to read it!

    Let me know when things are developing!

  2. This sounds so good. It’s a shame you don’t publish them in hard copy or on a platform. Because I would LOVE to read this. Maybe a little snippet of your books first chapter?

  3. This is tickling my brain in all through right corners. I’m going to read this with pleasure and it my hope is that it will be released at any rate. Marleen, I just have one question for you. Where did you draw your inspiration from? Personal experiences, religious observations, other texts?

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