The Amsterdam streets


The sun has disappeared for weeks now. I woke up today feeling the need to write but I felt so uninspired by the weather and the dark clouds circling around my apartment. The rain on my window glass. The only consolation was a warm kitty on my lap with an occasional chance of some nails buried in my skin. When I shot these images I knew I was going to be in a bit of an analog mood. Amsterdam enveloped by clouds. It seems never-ending.

After last weekend, which was intense I’ve been processing business and trying to be creative as possible. The day after the weekend I haven’t been feeling really great but today I somehow woke up with the most vivid dreams and felt inspired by them. I’ve written about achieving goals before and how hard it sometimes is. People are proud of their succes and like to show it but I’m more intrigued by their road to succes.

x M.
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