Sweet Escape

MarleenDekker3_MG_8821dMarleenDekker2 _MG_8830-Recovered MarleenDekker5

Photography by me
Model: Sanne @Innocencemodelagency
Make-up&hair: Nona Ibu

Posted on: May 5, 2016

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  • Synne
    May, 2016

    I love the light and the mood in these photos! My favourite is the one with the car!

  • Marleen
    May, 2016


  • Marleen
    May, 2016

    ahhh thanks <3

  • Lili
    May, 2016

    Those photos are super cool! I especially like the first one, and the one in front of the green house.

  • Heleen Schrijvershof
    May, 2016

    Gaaf Marleen. Heel mooi gedaan :-D

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My book of Memories


Hey all,

Something different on my blog! A review of this beautiful book from Saal Digital. I was given the opportunity to test out a product*. Since I don’t want my blog to become a commercial thing but an entertainment for ones eye, the only exceptions I make to review given products is when I’m absolutely sure I will like it. I love to review products but my blog will most certainly not become about reviewing products.

I was happy with this opportunity to test something out that really suits me. Saal Digital let me spend some money to design my own book via their software that you can download for free. Designing my book took some time, since I have too many stories to tell and too many pictures to keep. I decided to dedicate the book to most of my old work. I wanted to keep it as a reminder of personal growth. Something to look back at and for years to keep.

After I pressed send I had to wait a week to receive it. My mom got her hands on it first. When I took it over from her I peeked into the book and it was exactly how I wanted it to be. The only thing I wasn’t so happy about where that some parts of my images were a little cut off but the designs where exactly how I imagined it.
The pages are thick which looks very professional. When I was designing I designed most of the pages in four parts. 4 images on every two pages. But some pages I had one image over two pages and the quality decreased a bit. Vertical images over one page are of pretty good quality.

The good parts about the book is that you master everything that is in it. You could even design whole stories with images that you can have taken. With text and graphics of choice. The principle works a little like indesign but clearer and more general for everybody to understand. The book is of light weight and feels very comfortable in my hands. The cover and the pages are very soft cause I chose matte paper. I’ve never been a big fan of shiny objects so matte works just fine.

I would definitely recommend the product for photographers. For memories to keep with or without a hard cover. It’s cute for clients interested in keeping the pictures as a memory for families & friends.
I have yet to test out the quality for how long it takes before the book or if the book and its quality will wear off in the future.
My conclusion is that it’s the perfect fit for a professional photographer carrying around a portfolio and it’s also nice to have a project book for yourself (or if it’s a gift, for some one else).



_MG_9113 _MG_9114 _MG_9121_MG_9147_MG_9139


*I’m not required to give a positive feedback.
Posted on: April 22, 2016

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