Irene in Wanderland.



Model: Irene
MuaH: Manny
Felt like sharing some pictures with you as from the bottom of my heart.
I loved making these pictures. Irene is a gorgeous and natural beauty.
The day starting out being really sunny and bright but
went darker and darker until the sky came down.
We were in places that didn’t look like the place we are used to.
I like discovering new areas and looking at nearby places through different eyes.
I have been sick with myself, trying to perfectionize myself in photography.

Then I remember what the great difference is between a perfectionist and some one who tries the best one can. One is healthy, the other isn’t.

If you try your best,

that means you’re doing enough.

Posted on: May 17, 2014

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  • Charity
    February, 2015

    Wauw, how you can make a photo of a simple stool beautiful. Thank you

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Days of innocence.

_MG_9308 _MG_9330 _MG_9246 _MG_9113
I’m lover of the light.
There’s something about the balance between how the light falls and make patterns.
I am a lover of colors.
It doesn’t matter how ever it are dark or bright ones. Colors are the crucial difference in reality, how people interpret the world on its own.
It’s hard to find my voice unless it can be heard. I make myself visible in my photographs, speaking up the worlds I try to describe.
The emotions can be watched of my walls and the memories which are colored in the polaroids above my bed.
Drowning in waves of sorrow, I’ll find my way to shore. So don’t you fall and drift away.
Believe in dreams though they have never seen the light of sun.
Dive into this world of stars. They will ride the sky.
All those colors are part of you.
Everything dissolves, now maddnes stakes a claim.
Hold on to the days of innocence.
Be your own star.
Posted on: May 6, 2014

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  • Yong
    February, 2015

    Beautiful photos! Oh my gosh!

  • Femke
    May, 2014

    Wauw, enorm mooie foto&#39;s &lt;3<br /><br />liefs,<br />Femke

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