About me

My name is Marleen.

I have so many passions and so many things I’d like to share.
My life story began with an urge of telling stories. I dreamed of writing my own books. Then I began telling stories with my body, dancing ballet until I found no joy in sacrificing my youth to become a prima ballerina and that dream withered with the years passing.

I have a strong addiction to creating. Whether I’m using my hands to knit or taking photographs with my camera. Making up stories or building castles in the sand. I’ve taken up the task to challenge myself every day. Even with the power of my own imagination, I created a magazine for fellow creatives. Most of the process of creating comes pretty naturally to me but not everything comes that easy.

I symbolise myself as one with my vulnerability. It’s my greatest strength and my greatest obstacle. Choosing photography wasn’t always obvious but it has brought me light and life, in so many possible ways than I could ever imagine.

Through all the hops and bumps in my life, I’ve learned important lessons to chase your dreams wholeheartedly. Never skip a beat. And to be open to small things in your life that you purely will enjoy and to never let this go.
My strong desire to break free from the rules of society has changed my way of looking at things. They say ‘she chose the hard way’. But there wasn’t any choice in doing.

This is my journal and it’s a mix of thoughts and my work as a photographer. If anyone feels the need to connect with me. My mailbox is always open.


Marleen Zoë