Day of Hearts


Yesterday was Valentine. For me it was my cousins birthday. We woke up early to surprise her in the morning with balloons and breakfast. The entirely family had come to my brother’s place where my cousin was staying for a while. Even the family dogs came. I left Yoko at home.

I’ve seen many things written on Valentine’s day. Some just think it’s commercial. Some are too single to give anything about it. It seems like it’s not a lover’s day anymore. More a celebration on being single. Protesting to be together with some one. I’ve always thought of Valentine as something stupid but I became to see the point in this romantic day.

It’s true in fact you should always be lovable and nice to your significant other. But in daily life there’s not always time for romance. Either people already have kids or people are too busy. It’s always good to remind yourself to be grateful in life and maybe Valentine’s purpose was to be grateful for your lover. I think it’s beautiful.

I was super grateful to celebrate it with my family in the morning. Although they may not be my lovers I do love them very much. Me and my uncle shot these images.

Hope you had a grateful and romantic Valentine. Tell me about it if you want.

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  1. Beautiful photos! I used to think Valentine’s was stupid, but honestly it’s a pretty good idea. Like you write, sometimes there’s no time for romance. Valentine’s is then a good reminder to be romantic. That doesn’t mean you love people less the other days of the year. Of course, you should always be lovely to your close ones.

    On Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I cooked a nice Indian dinner. That was really it, nothing else. But it was cozy and nice!

    • Even I, don’t want to participate the commercial side of Valentine. Marketeers use Valentine to milk lovers out. But also don’t like the anti-valentine. Just because people are single doesn’t mean they can’t have a lovely day themselves. I don’t think it should harm others that have no one.

      Indian ha? What dish? And cozy and nice on Valentine with your lover sounds like a perfect Valentine to me.
      Lots of love,

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